Advertising is a form of marketing that calls on public attention to products or services. An advertisement, also known as an advert or ad, aims at promoting a brand by attracting an audience to what a particular company offers. Adverts come in many formats such as audio, print, billboards, or digital. Also, advertisements can be seen or heard on radio, TV, newspaper, banners, or the internet. Through the internet, ads appear on media platforms such as YouTube, web search results, inside applications, or websites. In this digital age, people mostly use online ads to promote their businesses. When the ads become a bother, you can use an ads block to limit them as you browse. In this guide, we will go through the installation and usage of uBlock Origin(an ads block) on chrome, firefox, safari, and edge.

Options Available to Limit Ads

Ads make your browsing experience laggy and slow. Hence, if you are looking for a way to remove or limit annoying ads on your favorite websites, you should consider using an ad blocker. With an ad blocker, you can decide which ads you want to block keep in mind that not all ads are bothersome or obtrusive. However, there are unobtrusive ads that you might consider keeping on some sites. Thus, you have the freedom to choose between blocking all ads or some on different sites.

 uBlock Origin

To limit ads on your browser, use an efficient ad blocker. Ublock Origin is a top-notch content blocker plugin for your web browsers. It is an extension that is available for safari, chrome, edge, firefox, and other widely used browsers. uBlock Origin is responsible for blocking ads or pop-ups, such as those that ask for sign-up or follow on social media handles. Notably, immediately after the installation of uBlock origin, it blocks almost all types of online ads. However, it allows you to have content control in that you can choose to block only particular ads from Ublock Origin advanced settings.

Features of uBlock Origin

  • Free and Open source browser extension.
  • Allows you to install the latest versions manually.
  • Efficient: Ublock Origin is Fast, potent, and lean.
  • More than an adblocker: It can read and create filters from host files.
  • Ublock Origin has several loaded and enforced lists including EasyList, Peter Lowe’s, and EasyPrivacy.

Installation of Ublock Origin on  Chromium / Firefox / Safari / MS Edge 

Let’s go ahead and install uBlock on various browsers.

a) Chromium/Chrome

There are two ways of installing uBlock Origin on Chromium.

Method 1: Manual Installation

To install uBlock origin manually, start by downloading the latest release from GitHub.

After complete download, unzip the folder and rename it to uBlock.The illustration below shows the downloaded and unzipped file which has been renamed to uBlock.

Then go to chrome/chromium settings to access the extensions.

Click on extensions and switch to developer mode. Then click on load unpacked extension.

Select the uBlock folder from your computer.

The uBlock extension will be successfully added on Chrome/Chromium.

Method 2: Chrome Web Store

You can install uBlock Origin from the Chrome Web Store. From the search bar, find uBlock Origin.

Click on uBlock Origin then add to Chrome.

After clicking on Add to Chrome, click on add extension to install uBlock Origin on the browser.

Ublock will be successfully added to the Chrome browser.

b)Microsoft Edge

We will install uBlock on the Microsoft Edge browser from Microsoft Edge add-ons. From the search bar, find the uBlock Origin.

From the results that appear, click on the Get button on uBlock Origin.

Then click on add extension.

uBlock will be successfully added to the Microsoft Edge browser.

c) Firefox

To add uBlock, go to the firefox web store and search for uBlock Origin.

From the page that appears, click on add to firefox button to install Ublock Origin.

Another small window will pop up, click on the add button to complete the installation.

Ublock Origin will be added successfully on Firefox.


As for the Safari browser, you can install uBlock Origin from the extension gallery. This is the preferred method since the uBlock Origin extension is updated automatically.

Also, uBlock Origin can be added to the Safari browser manually. Simply download uBlock0.safariextz from GitHub.Open the downloaded file and choose Install from the developer. On the final pop-up, click Trust. Ublock Origin will be successfully added to Safari Browser.

Using Ublock Origin on Chromium / Firefox / MS Edge

To access uBlock Origin from the web browsers, click on the extension icon on the top. Also, you can choose to pin it or add uBlock as a shortcut on the browser.

Continue by clicking on the uBlock Origin icon. You will see a big button and a summary of the ads being blocked. In the illustration below, uBlock Origin has blocked 12% of the ads on the page, 4 domains on the same site, and 41% of ads since the installation of the extension.

uBlock Origin Tools

1. Element zapper

Use the element zapper to remove objects on a web page when you feel they are annoying or offensive. It temporarily removes the objects; they will reappear when you visit the website again.

Simply click on the element zapper icon and place the tool on the object you want to remove then left-click.

2. Element picker

It is a permanent blocker that is next to the element zapper icon.

Click on the element picker and place it on the item you want to block. Left-click on where the picker is located and a window will open. Click on Create to block the object permanently. The ad or object will not appear on the website when you revisit.

3. Logger

Logger is used to viewing what is loading on a particular page.

Logger shows what uBlock Origin has blocked with the color red. The yellow color shows what is allowed on the particular page.

4. Domains connected

When you click on More, you can view the domains available on the specific web page. The + signs indicates content in that domain URL is allowed while the – sign tells you that content is not allowed. Next to the domain names, you can see different colors. Green is for permitted content. Yellow indicates some content in that URL is blocked. Red means all the content in that URL will be blocked.

5. More blocking Ads Options

With uBlock Origin, you can block pop-ups, large media elements that include videos, audio and images, fonts, javascript, and cosmetic filtering (if something is manipulated on a specific page, you can block the look and feel of that page with cosmetic filtering option). Click on the options you want to use and the effect takes place immediately. In the illustration below, I have applied all the options.

5. Dashboard

For more settings, click the dashboard.

You can now customize uBlock Origin to your preferences and add more settings for ad blocking.


uBlock Origin is the tool you need when it comes to ad blocking. It has numerous options which you will interact with after adding the extension on chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari browsers. Follow this guide to get more informed on the usage and installation of uBlock Origin on your browsers. In case of any questions, leave a comment.

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