In the world of computing, it is so devastating to feel like someone is watching you while you are busy using your gadget. Also, having software that spies on your computer operations is very dangerous. Spying can involve a program in your system that gets installed unknowingly, watches, and records all the activities carried out on your device. Thus, it is important to take a step to protect yourself and the information stored in your computer. Therefore, to reduce the odds of unwanted software taking control of your machine, consider using WindowsSpyBlocker on your Windows 10/11 operating system.

What is WindowsSpyBlocker?

Malicious cyber crimes are being performed nowadays, so it is recommended to take computer security measures seriously. In most cases, the antivirus will not be enough, thus why you need programs such WindowsSpyBlocker to make blocking spying easier. WindowsSpyBlocker is an application in the category of security and privacy. This program is written in the Go programming language and used to block spying and tracking on computer systems.WindowSpyBlocker works by capturing and analyzing network traffic using a set of tools. Additionally, rules are created and sorted by assignment depending on the interactions between services and the source or destination of the traffic.

Features of WindowsSpyBlocker

  • A lightweight package.
  • Fast Delivery.
  • A reliable way to enhance computer security.
  • Has intuitive descriptions.
  • Protects against Spyware
  • Allows view status, app installation, and removal of rules.

Installing WindowsSpyBlocker on Windows 11 / Windows 10

To start using WindowsSpyBlocker on your Windows 10/11 operating system, start by downloading from the GitHub Releases page. Click on the WindowsSpyBlocker .exe file to download.

Find the downloaded WindowsSpyBlocker file on your computer downloads and run it as an Administrator.

While installing, files including the WindowsSpyBlocker configuration file will be generated.

After successful installation, WindowsSpyBlocker will open on your Windows 10/11 system. The version, source, and main menu of WindowsSpyBlocker will be displayed.

Using WindowsSpyBlocker on Windows 11 / Windows 10

WindowsSpyBlocker helps in enhancing security in your computer system by adding a firewall and NCSI(Network Connectivity Status Indicator) rules. It has two main menus which are Telemetry and Dev.

Telemetry Menu

a) Firewall

WindowsSpyBlocker makes it possible to remove or add network rules on your Windows 10/11 firewall. From the WindowsSpyBlocker Menu, type 1 to access telemetry which consists of Firewall and NCSI. From telemetry, type 1 again to access the firewall.

From WindowSpyBlocker you can add spy rules as shown below.

If you want to remove the WindowsSpyBlocker rules, type 4 and press enter.


Using Network Connectivity Status Indicator(NCSI)on WindowsSpyBlocker, allows Windows 10/11 to check Microsoft Site for connectivity. From the main use Option 1 to choose Telemetry and 2 to access NCSI.

Continue by viewing the NCSI current values.

Also, you can test the internet connection using NCSI option 3.

Dev Menu

If you are a developer or have an interest in contributing to the WindowsSpyBlocker, consider using the Dev Menu. Dev is accessed from the main menu using option 2. It consists of several applications such as Sysmon and Wireshark. You can install and use the available applications from WindowsSpyBlocker.


Sysmon is one of the WindowsSpyBlocker applications that allows you to capture or extract events from the EVTX file. Install Sysmon using WindowsSypBlocker by choosing option 1.

You can now access log files following this path C:\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs on your computer. To view more details about a particular event, open it.


WindowsSpyBlocker is used in different ways to ensure that your data is safe on your computer. It uses firewall rules and Network Connectivity Status Indicator(NCSI) to achieve its goal of blocking spying and tracking. For more options, WindowsSpyBlocker allows you to use available applications such as Proxifier, Sysmon, and Wireshark to capture and extract events from log files. Follow this guide to install and use WindowsSpyBlocker on your Windows 10/11 operating system.

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