What is Wine?

Wine is an open-source software which in full means Wine Is Not an Emulator. Wine serves as an important software to its users, as it allows the installation of Windows applications on the Linux or Unix operating system. Thus it enables you to install windows apps for performing certain tasks or entertainment without additional software such as Virtual Machine. We can say that Wine is an implementation of the Windows API(Application Programming Interface) library, thus it acts as a bridge between Windows programs and Linux. In other words, Wine converts Windows commands to a language that Linux Operating System can naively understand. In this guide, we will install and use Wine 7 on Solus OS.

Wine emulator has the following features:

  • Support DirectX for games
  • Desktop-in-a-box or mixable windows
  • Supports macOS and Android-based graphics
  • Multi-lingual keyboards support
  • Allows sound drivers including OSS, ALSA, PulseAudio
  • TCP/IP networking support
  • Wine Debugger plus configurable trace messages
  • Enables use of external vendor DLL files
  • Foreign language and Advanced Unicode support

Wine 7.0 Features

Wine 7 is the latest stable release with a couple of new additional improvements which include:

  • Enhanced Windows App Support: New WoW64 architecture
  • Plug and play driver support
  • Improved Multi-Display: This allows you to choose which monitor opens the Direct3D application using the full-screen mode
  • Enhanced HiDPI support for Wine’s built-in apps
  • Apple M1 Silicon Support
  • Improved HID stack and joystick support
  • Supports Unicode 14 support
  • New theming:  added built-in “blue” and “classic blue” themes

Installing Wine 7 on Solus Linux

To install Wine on Solus OS, start by opening the Terminal. Click on the application’s icon.

From the applications choose Terminal and click on it to open.

When the terminal opens, update the Solus repository using:

sudo eopkg up

Here is the output

Updating repositories
Updating repository: Solus
eopkg-index.xml.xz.sha1sum (40.0 B)100% 0.00 --/- [--:--:--] [complete]
Solus repository information is up-to-date.

On the next newline, install Wine 7.

sudo eopkg install wine-devel

Output after keying in the installation command is as illustrated.

Installing 4 / 5
wine-7.3-135-1-x86_64.eopkg [cached]
Installing wine, version 7.3, release 135
Extracting the files of wine
Installed wine
Installing 5 / 5
wine-devel-7.3-135-1-x86_64.eopkg [cached]
Installing wine-devel, version 7.3, release 135
Extracting the files of wine-devel
Installed wine-devel

Wine 7, version 7.3, will be successfully installed on your operating system. You can see it from the code above.

Configuring Wine 7 on Solus Linux

For Wine to work effectively, you must configure the software. Open your Terminal and type the following command.

sudo winecfg


wine: created the configuration directory '/root/.wine'

While configuring, Wine will ask to install Wine Mono Installer. Click on the install button to continue.

After the installation has taken place, a small screen will open where you’ll choose the type of Operating System you want to use on Wine 7. After choosing click on Apply

In the same window, click on Add application to see the virtual C drive for Wine 7.

Go to the Solus files, click on the three dots that will appear. Then hit on the ‘show hidden files’ checkbox to access the. Wine folder.

Below is the .Wine folder.

Click on it to open then find a couple of folders a replica of the folders that appears on a normal Windows Operating System.

Installing Windows Applications on Solus using Wine 7

Open your browser on Solus and search for Wine Application Database. Go ahead and browse for an application that is compatible with Wine from the provided list.

Installing Notepad ++ on Solus using Wine 7

After getting the application you want to install, head over to your browser and download notepad ++.

Find the file from your computer downloads.

Right-click on the Notepad ++ .exe file, and open it with Wine Windows Program Loader as shown below.

An installation wizard will appear providing several steps. Click on Ok to continue.

Click on Next until the last step. Hit on the Finish button to complete the installation.

Notepad ++ will be installed by Wine 7 on Solus.

Enjoy using Notepad ++ on Solus

Installing VLC on Solus with Wine

Do want to play some music or videos on Solus using the VLC Media player? Wine will make it possible. Start by downloading the VLC file. From your computer downloads, right-click on VLC .exe file and open it with Wine Windows Program Loader.

Click on the buttons that appear on the installation Wizard.

Continue clicking through the different steps until you finish the installation.

VLC will be successfully installed on Solus using Wine

You can now play videos using VLC

Final Thought

In most situations, it is always satisfying to get a solution to a hectic problem. Wine is a savior when it comes to installing Windows applications on Solus. From the Wine website, you will realize that there are a lot of Windows applications you can install and use. Follow this guide and get informed on the meaning of Wine 7, how you will install it, and examples of running apps with wine.

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