Solus is an amazing operating system that you can use on your computer. It is independently developed for the x86-64 architecture on the Linux Kernel. Also, it is remarkably known for its simplicity and stability. Despite being simple, Solus supports Budgie, GNOME, MATE, and KDE Plasma desktop environments which can be customized by power users. In this guide, we will dig deep into the MATE Solus desktop environment, its features, installation process, configurations, usage, and customization.

MATE Desktop Environment

MATE is a desktop environment that was released in 2011. It was built as a continuation of GNOME 2. MATE is suitable for almost everyone especially those who didn’t like the new iteration of GNOME(GNOME 3). It is known for having an excellent user experience and a notable lightweight desktop environment. In addition to its beauty, it comes with a collection of apps and other interesting tools. A key point to note is MATE has always been under active development to support upcoming technologies while preserving the traditional desktop environment. Thus, it is true to say that MATE DE works effectively on Solus operating system.

Features of MATE Desktop Environment

  • Simple to use with a robust experience
  • Easy to customize up to the satisfaction of the user
  • Open source: Freely used, shared, and changed
  • Lightweight desktop environment
  • Has powerful applications

Install MATE Desktop Environment on Solus Linux

To use the MATE desktop environment on your Solus Operating System, the first step is installing it. Get ready to install the MATE desktop by running the below command on your Solus terminal to update the system.

sudo eopkg upgrade

Install the MATE Desktop environment by typing this:

sudo eopkg install -c desktop.mate

Type Yes to continue with MATE DE installation on Solus

Following packages will be installed:

mate-desktop                    mate-desktop-branding-fortitude
mate-desktop-branding-legacy    mate-desktop-branding-livecd   
mate-desktop-branding-material  mate-desktop-branding-shared   
mate-dock-applet                mate-icon-theme                
mate-indicator-applet           mate-media                     
mate-menu                       mate-menus                     
mate-netbook                    mate-notification-daemon       
mate-notification-theme-slate   mate-panel                     
mate-polkit                     mate-power-manager             
mate-screensaver                mate-sensors-applet            
mate-session-manager            mate-settings-daemon           
mate-system-monitor             mate-terminal                  
mate-themes                     mate-tweak                     
mate-user-admin                 mate-user-guide                
mate-utils                      moka-icon-theme                
mozo                            plata-theme                    
pluma                           pluma-plugins                                    
Total size of package(s): 202.17 MB
There are extra packages due to dependencies. Do you want to continue? (yes/no)

After typing Yes, MATE packages will be installed successfully.

Using MATE Desktop Environment on Solus

Let’s start by Switching to MATE Desktop Environment.Log out or power off your system.

Log in to the Solus Operating system. Before entering your password, switch from the current desktop environment to MATE from the setting icon as illustrated below.

Continue by entering the Solus password. Mate DE will open on Solus.

To access applications or programs, use the MENU icon.

There is a computer icon on the desktop which you will use to access files in your Solus system.

Customizing Mate Desktop Environment on Solus

There are several things you can do to change the look and feel of your desktop.

Desktop wallpaper

Click on a space on your desktop and select change desktop

From the window that appears, go to the background and choose the wallpaper that pleases you.

Theme Changing

Still, on the same window, choose the theme you would like. Click on the save as button to apply changes

Also, you can download themes using the provided link in the same window as shown above. After downloading, open the theme and click on apply.

Display Settings

Mate desktop environment on Solus allows you to make a lot of adjustments. From the application menu, search for monitor preferences, make modifications on resolution or refresh rate then click on Apply.

Desktop Icons

Search for mate tweak on the application menu and add more icons on the desktop.

Your desktop will look different after changing the wallpaper, theme, and other customizations. You can see the changes in the image below.

Wrap Up

Solus supports the MATE desktop environment which has an outstanding experience for old and new hardware users. Also, if you have installed Budgie or GNOME on your Solus system, you can add a MATE desktop environment by following this guide. Enjoy customizing your system to a point where you are satisfied with how it looks or feels. Go ahead and have fun using this elegant Desktop Environment. In case of any queries, leave a comment.

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