An office suite is a collection of programs that contain word processors, spreadsheets, presentations, and database programs. There are different types of office suites which include;

  • Google Workspace
  • Libre Office
  • Microsoft Office
  • Apache OpenOffice
  • WPS Office
  • Mobisystems OfficeSuite

For Linux users, there are 2 free office suites

  • AIUS – Andrew User Interface System
  • Siag Office -Scheme in a Grid 

And 2 proprietary office suites

  • Broadvision Quicksilver formerly known as Interleaf
  • Applixware, formerly known as Aster*x developed by Applix Inc.

WPS Office Suite

Writer Presentation Spreadsheet(WPS) office is a free, cross-platform, All-in-one office suite that you can use on your computer or mobile phone anywhere and anytime. It is lightweight and uses less memory compared to other office suites. 

An advantage is that it works well with Linux for an excellent productivity application and installation is easy and straightforward.


  • You can set edit permissions to protect data security as to who can edit the files.
  • It provides free professional templates to help customize creative documents like resumes and business reports.
  • It opens various types of files from word documents, spreadsheets to presentations and PDF files.
  • It provides synchronization and seamless collaboration on all platforms as it provides one account for multiple platforms.
  • Offers multi-language support with 13 languages on PC and over 4o languages on Mobile.
  • Built-in applications that offer features like file format conversions, watermark creation and text-extraction.
  • Offers themes that can be customized and switched at a go.
  • WPS office Cloud that allows you to create and edit documents online without installing any software.
  • Compatible with mainstream office software including Microsoft 365, Google docs and Adobe PDF.
  • WPS office can Screencast and allow you to share presentations as long as you have a stable WIFI connection.

It can be used in 

  • Business premises to manage documents and files..
  • Educational Institutions by students and teachers.
  • Finance to do cost and profit analysis, calculate salary and prepare financial statements.

In this guide, I will show you how to;

  • Install WPS Offcie on Kubuntu|KDE Neon.
  • Lauvh the WPS Office suite.

Install WPS Office on Kubuntu / KDE Neon

First, update your package index.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade -y

Then download the WPS Office .deb package for Linux from the website.

I downloaded it from the website, so the file is in the Downloads folder as shown below.

From the Konsole, I will navigate to the Downloads folder using the following command.

cd Downloads

Then install the package using the command below.

sudo dpkg -i wps-office_*.deb

The process completes successfully.

Then launch the Office from the Application Launcher as shown below

It opens a window for the license agreement. Accept the agreement and policy then click ‘I Confirm’.


WPS opens as below which is the Kingsoft PDF Reader that is a document reader.

WPS Writer

Next is to look at the WPS Writer that lets you edit documents in different colors, fonts, and backgrounds.

WPS Spreadsheets

The next feature is the WPS Spreadsheets that lets you analyze and manage data. You can also open different sheets that are related in one window.

WPS Presentations.

The next feature is the WPS Presentations that lets you manage presentations.


In this guide, you have managed to download and install WPS in your KDE Neon|Kubuntu System. WPS offers the WPS Writer, WPS PDF, WPS Spreadsheets, and WPS Presentations. All these options enable you to access your documents on your system easily without difficulties.

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