RealVNC is a company with a solution that allows remote access of computers among users. The RealVNC solution consists of VNC Server and VNC Viewer(Client) which are applications that use virtual networking computing(VNC) technology to provide remote connection. VNC server allows a device to be remotely controlled by the VNC Viewer. Additionally, RealVNC Viewer can be run in full-screen mode while interacting and taking control of the server.

VNC Viewer

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a tool that allows a viewer to connect to the server. A VNC Viewer is given access to a remote desktop by the VNC Server over a network connection. Keep in mind that this tool can be used in any Operating system including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Also, you can install VNC Viewer on your Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet. In simpler terms, you can control your computer using your phone. In this guide, we will go through the steps of installing and using VNC Viewer or client on android.

VNC Viewer Features

  • A Cross-platform tool
  • Allows remote control
  • Highly secure
  • Easy to use
  • Multilingual support

Setup Prerequisite

It is a requirement to install VNC Server on the computer you want to control. Check out how to install and configure VNC Server on Solus. Note that you need to create an account from the RealVNC website since you will use the same credentials to sign in on VNC Viewer.

Installing RealVNC Viewer/Client on Android

To control another computer using your mobile phone, you should install VNC Viewer/Client. Use your application store to download and install the software. In that case, I will open and use the Play Store application.

On the play store search for VNC Viewer. When it appears, press the install button.

After the installation process is done, click on Open to start using VNC Viewer.

Configure RealVNC Viewer on Android

After opening the VNC client/viewer, you can opt to read the instructions and then get started.

Go ahead and sign in using the login details from the RealVNC account you created.

Enter your email and password for RealVNC account.

Connecting VNC Viewer to machines in a Network

When you sign in, you will get a server on the network. Here is an illustration of a Solus VNC server.

Click on the server for a connection to be created.

For security purposes, enter VNC Server; created when installing VNC Server on a device.

Click on continue for a successful connection. A screen from the machine you want to connect with will be displayed. Enter the remote computer’s password and start controlling it.

Here is the remote desktop interface.

You can go ahead and start using the computer remotely from your mobile phone.

Wrap Up

VNC is a highly rising trend in technology that you should certainly consider exploring. One of the benefits you will enjoy from Virtual Network Computing is using your mobile phone to control a computer. This will make your life a bit easier since you do not have to physically access your machine. Follow the above steps to install, configure and use VNC Viewer on android.

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