BlueStacks is an android emulator for PC that allows you to run android applications on a PC. You can access the applications locally or via a hybrid cloud. BlueStacks X is an android gaming platform that supports cloud-based cross-platform products that can be played on a PC via the hybrid cloud. This gives access to using a mouse and keyboard on a bigger screen and not worrying about battery life. Also, developers can use an emulator to check how an app would look on a PC.

The software virtualizes an Android OS that can be downloaded on a macOS or Windows PC, and Linux systems. It is free to download and use for basic features and has premium features that include no ads that require a monthly subscription.

Top Android games include; State of Survival: Zombie war, RAID: Shadow Legends, Evony: The Kings Return, Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, etc. Other non-gaming applications that are supported include TikTok, Discord, Netflix, Snapchat, Telegram, Instagram, Skype, Facebook, etc.

Setup Requirements

Current minimum requirements for BlueStacks App Player for Windows include Windows 7 or higher, 2 GB or higher system memory, 5 GB of hard drive space, administrator rights, an Intel or AMD processor, and the latest graphic drivers.
Minimum requirements for macOS are; macOS Sierra or higher, 4 GB RAM, 4 GB disk space, and a model newer than 2014.

BlueStacks Features

  • Multi-Instance where you can play multiple games at the same time.
  • Modding enables you to customize how you play your games.
  • Customize Game Controls
  • Macros that enable you to record and replay actions.
  • Eco mode allows you to optimize PC usage when running multiple instances.
  • Real-time translation in the local language.
  • High FPS for smoother gameplay.
  • UTC converter to convert time to your local time to not miss a game.

This guide shows how to install and use BlueStacks on Windows 11 / Windows 10.

Install and use BlueStacks on Windows 11 / Windows 10

Download the latest BlueStacks version from the official website.

Once downloaded, Double click on the installer to start the installation. You can customize the installation location or leave it as default and click on Install. The installation process depends on your system connection and your resources.

The installation process involves downloading the Program’s utilities and checking the system requirements to ensure it meets with minimum requirements. If you have an active antivirus, it is recommended to pause it while installing BlueStacks.

The Program starts as shown below.

Afterward, the dashboard opens with the controls on the right side.

Setting up Google Account

Sign in using your Google Play account to install and use applications.

Enter your email address and password. If you have no account, you can create a new one.

Installing Applications

You can search any app on the play store and then click on Install. If I was to install the State of Survival: Zombie War, it would appear as shown below.

The game opens as shown. You can Play with the controls using a mouse and keyboard.

To install a social media app like TikTok, I would search and install it as shown below.

You can customize BlueStacks further from the Settings tab. This includes changing the performance, display size, audio settings, and other preferences.

BlueStacks X

BlueStacks X allows you to run android apps on your PC via Hybrid Cloud, Saving on space locally. It comes with the main BlueStacks Program, Click on it to open.

It opens as shown below. You can install apps from Google Play.


BlueStacks is an android emulator that allows you to run android applications on a PC. From this guide, we have installed BlueStacks on Windows 10 / 11. You can run most if not all android applications on your PC with BlueStacks App Player.

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