On this tutorial, we will look at how to install and use Foxit PDF Reader on Linux Mint. Foxit is considered to be the most powerful PDF Reader on the industry, with it, you can fill, sign, and annotate any PDF on your Web, mobile or even desktop no matter where you are. Below are some of the features that Foxit PDF Reader is associated with, and what makes it an awesome tool;

  • With Foxit, you can both read and print PDF in a jiffy
  • Foxit PDF Reader can run across all platforms, namely, Windows, mac, Linux, iOS, Android and the Web, as a result you can read your PDFs no matter what you are using or wherever you are
  • This PDF reader is both customizable and deployable
  • You can protect and sign your documents using your own handwriting
  • Foxit PDF Reader helps you to integrate with the leading cloud storage services as well as enterprise CMS that are popular

 Install and Use Foxit PDF Reader on Linux Mint 21

Having looked at the above introduction on Foxit PDF Reader and its features, we can then proceed to look at how to install and use Foxit PDF Reader on Linux Mint;

Step 1. Update your System

The first step is to ensure that your system is up to date. Utilize the commands below to ensure the same;

sudo apt update 
sudo apt upgrade

Step 2. Download the Foxit PDF Reader Installer

Once the system is up to date, you can then proceed to download the Foxit installer, depending on the system you are using utilize the following commands;

The 64-bit;

wget https://cdn01.foxitsoftware.com/pub/foxit/reader/desktop/linux/2.x/2.4/en_us/FoxitReader.enu.setup.

The representation below shows the output;

[email protected]:~$ wget https://cdn01.foxitsoftware.com/pub/foxit/reader/desktop/linux/2.x/2.4/en_us/FoxitReader.enu.setup.
--2022-09-09 15:43:23--  https://cdn01.foxitsoftware.com/pub/foxit/reader/desktop/linux/2.x/2.4/en_us/FoxitReader.enu.setup.
Resolving cdn01.foxitsoftware.com (cdn01.foxitsoftware.com)...,,, ...
Connecting to cdn01.foxitsoftware.com (cdn01.foxitsoftware.com)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 73812318 (70M) [application/x-gzip]
Saving to: ‘FoxitReader.enu.setup.’

FoxitReader.enu.set 100%[===================>]  70.39M  11.2MB/s    in 7.8s

2022-09-09 15:43:31 (9.04 MB/s) - ‘FoxitReader.enu.setup.’ saved [73812318/73812318]

The 32-bit;

wget https://cdn01.foxitsoftware.com/pub/foxit/reader/desktop/linux/2.x/2.4/en_us/FoxitReader.enu.setup.

Step 3. Extract the Downloaded File

Once the installer has been downloaded, you can then proceed to extract the tar.gz file on your system. Before then, proceed to the location where the file has been downloaded to, where for instance it is in the downloads section, you can use the following command to change directory to the downloads;

cd ~/Downloads

Our downloaded file is not in the downloads, so we will proceed as follows. Run the command below on the directory above, so as to extract the downloaded file;

tar xzvf FoxitReader*.tar.gz

Ensure that the extracted file is executable by running the command shown below;

sudo chmod a+x FoxitReader*.run

Below is how the above commands above were ran on the command line;

[email protected]:~$ ls
Desktop    FoxitReader.enu.setup.  Public
Documents  Music                                            Templates
Downloads  Pictures                                         Videos
[email protected]:~$ tar xzvf FoxitReader.enu.setup.
[email protected]:~$ sudo chmod a+x FoxitReader*.run
[sudo] password for val:

Step 4. Install Foxit PDF Reader on Linux Mint

Once the file is executable, run the installer as follows;

sudo ./FoxitReader.enu.setup.\(rb70e8df\).x64.run

When you run the above command, the following wizards will pop up preparing the installation of Foxit Reader on your system;

Tap next on the above image or browse to change location then tap next. On the next window, agree to the terms and conditions then proceed to tap next.

Wait for the installation of Foxit Reader to finish then proceed to tap Finish, and the installation will be done.

o ascertain a successful installation, just go to your applications menu then search for Foxit Reader and open it. The image that follows shows how Foxit Reader looks like;


Up to this point, we have come to the conclusion of our article on how to install Foxit Reader on Linux Mint. Foxit PDF Reader helps you to read PDF files just as its name describes it, not just reading it but there are much more tasks to do with Foxit. From the introduction of this piece, we looked at what Foxit Reader is, what it can do and its features in general. Then we embarked on the steps to install Foxit PDF Reader on Linux Mint via the command line. Below are some of our other articles;



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