Computer users love it when they have applications or software that assist in carrying out day-to-day activities. One of the crucial tools that most people cannot avoid using is the office suite. Users understand an office suite as a batch of applications on your computerized device which are used while performing all tasks, either alone or with collaborators. In most cases, an office suite includes a word processor, presentations, spreadsheets, note taking, database, email app, and other software. The commonly used office suites in Linux include FreeOffice with alternatives that include LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice, Calligra Office, OnlyOffice, GoogleDocs, WPS Office for Linux, Feng Office, and others.

FreeOffice 2021

In this guide, we will tackle the installation and usage of FreeOffice 2021 on Solus. FreeOffice is a free collection of office applications including a word processor, spreadsheets, and presentation apps. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac and free for home use or at the workplace. Notably, it is an alternative to Microsoft Office in terms of the User interface and most of the applications are the same in both suites. FreeOffice 2021 allows you to create well-designed documents as well as take notes.

Components of FreeOffice

  • TextMaker: A word processor that enables excellent document creation. With DOCX support, this application lets you insert images, headers, tables, and graphics. It also consists of high-grade templates used in creating quality documents.
  • PlanMaker: It is an alternative to Excel whereby this spreadsheet ensures you can solve complex calculations.FreeOffice PlanMaker consists of over 350 disposal functions. It supports XLSX format and allows users to create charts, worksheets, and tables.
  • Presentations: FreeOffice presentations offer outstanding slide concepts in a mastered way. This application supports PPTX and has made it easy to use transitions and animations based on OpenGL.It makes a presentation stand out by combining artwork, slides, texts, images, and tables.

Features of FreeOffice 2021

  • Automatic spelling checker: FreeOffice 2021 automatically checks errors in spelling in different languages.
  • Separate software installation: In FreeOffice, you can install one of the available applications in the suite instead of all of them.
  • Compatibility: It can be installed on various operating systems including Linux, Windows, and Android.
  • Free: You can use FreeOffice 2021 for both commercial or personal use without paying.
  • Enhanced user interface: It has a user-friendly interface that is similar to Microsoft Office. Also, in the latest version of FreeOffice 2021, you can switch to touch mode in case you are using a touchscreen computer.
  • Support modern file formats including DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX.
  • Supports drag and drop options.

Installing FreeOffice 2021 on Solus

We will first visit the FreeOffice website to download the .tgz file which will install FreeOffice 2021 on Solus. Click on the drop-down arrow under Linux and download the package for other systems.

Alternatively, you can download the same package of FreeOffice 2021 from Terminal using the below command.


The FreeOffice package will download successfully. Open your Terminal to proceed with the installation and start by upgrading the Solus system.

sudo eopkg upgrade

Change the current working directory to the location of the downloaded FreeOffice 2021 package. In my case, I will change to the Downloads directory.

cd Downloads

Extract FreeOffice 2021 package.

tar xvfz softmaker-freeoffice-2021-1046-amd64.tgz

After extracting, the results will be as follows.

$ tar xvfz softmaker-freeoffice-2021-1046-amd64.tgz

Install the FreeOffice 2021 on Solus with the command below.

sudo ./installfreeoffice

After entering the above command, a small window will open. click on the enter button to choose ‘y’ which is the default answer or ‘n’ No. This is to accept or reject the installation of FreeOffice 2021 on Solus.

On the next question that will pop up, choose whether you want to install FreeOffice 2021 for the current user or not. You can click the Enter button to choose the default settings.

Then select the directory to install FreeOffice 2021. Again, use the Enter button to choose the default answers.

The installation of FreeOffice 2021 will take place successfully.

Once the installation has taken place, search for the FreeOffice 2021 from Activities>Applications. Three applications will appear separately as shown below. You can now use TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentations applications as provided by FreeOffice 2021.

Using FreeOffice on Solus Linux

As shown above, FreeOffice 2021 offers Three applications. To use them, you have to open each separately.

FreeOffice PlanMaker

When you click on PlanMaker, its user interface will open as shown below. You can change the design of the PlanMaker interface or click on Cancel to proceed.

On the next part, fill in the form with user information or click on Cancel to proceed.

A spreadsheet similar to Microsoft Excel will open. Now you can fill in data from the provided sheet.

Save the document by clicking on File>Save.

Choose the format you want for the file you have created.

 FreeOffice TextMaker

Click on TextMaker from Solus applications. It will open as shown below. Textmaker has the same interface as Microsoft Word.

You are free to utilize Textmaker by creating documents and formating them as you would like. Click on File>New to create new a document.

Select the type of file you want to create and click on OK to proceed.

Create your document and format it from the blank space provided by TextMaker.Then click on File>Save after you are done.

Then choose the document location in your Solus system. Also, provide a name for the document, and if you want you can change the file format from the drop-down arrow.

FreeOffice Presentations

To create top-grade slides, click on Freeoffice presentations. The application will launch and open its interface as shown below.

Key in data in the slides as you select the design you want. Then save your file after the slides are created.

Provide a name for the presentation then select the folder where the file will be stored on your computer. Note that you can change the file format from the drop-down arrow. Click Ok to save the presentation.

Wrap Up

FreeOffice provides TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentations which are excellent tools to use on your Solus system.FreeOffice 21 is a good option especially when you are looking for a free alternative to Microsoft office. Enjoy the applications FreeOffice offers by following this guide on the installation and usage of FreeOffice 21 on Solus.

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