Welcome to our guide on how to install and use Visual Studio 2022 on macOS. Visual Studio on Mac can be used for debugging, editing, building code and even publishing an app. Visual Studio comes with all the necessary tools used for easing the process of software development, these tools include compilers, source control features, code completion tools, and graphical designers. All in all, with this IDE you can both code and work faster. Below are some of the awesome features associated with Visual Studio 2022;

  • With Visual Studio you are more productive as you get to work with projects of any size
  • Everything you get to build with Visual Studio is modern with the help of .NET MAUI and Blazor
  • With the code completion tools that are AI engineered, you get innovative
  • This 64-bit IDE makes it easy to work with complex workloads and huge projects at the same time
  • You are able to type less but at the same time code more all with the help of code completion
  • You get to rid problems before they mature into problems all with the help of integrated debugging
  • You will see instant results from the code you are analyzing
  • Azure deployment makes it easier for cloud deployment

Below are some of the system requirements for installing Visual Studio 2022 on your macOS system;

  • macOS Mojave 10.14 or above is used

For building Xamarin apps for iOS or macOS, the following is required;

  • Your Mac should be compatible with the latest version of Xcode
  • Latest Xcode version is required
  • An Apple ID is needed for signing in

Install and Use Visual Studio 2022 on macOS Monterey

Having looked at the description above, we can then proceed to look at how to install and use Visual Studio 2022 on macOS Monterey. Check below for a detailed process on the same;

Step 1. Download the Visual Studio 2022 Installer on your Mac

The first step is to get Visual Studio installer on your macOS system by visiting the downloads page and getting the installer that you want, that is the Visual Studio Code for Mac. Check below for more.

Step 2. Mount and Run the Installer

Once the download is complete and you can see the file on your downloads folder, proceed to double click on the file, run the installer by clicking on the downward arrow shown in the image shown below;

Run the installer, a warning will be presented to you, ignore it and proceed to open and wait for the installation to finish, check below for more insights;

Once the above is done, you will see a pop up thanking you for installing Visual Studio on Mac, proceed to tap continue to show that you have agreed to the license terms.

Step 3. Select the Workloads and Install

A number of workloads will be displayed on the next window wizard. You need to select the ones you need and proceed to tap on install to get them installed on your macOS system. Check below for how the workloads appear;

Once you tap on install, depending on your internet speed, this might take sometime. A password will be required of you also.

On the image above, you can also choose to sign in later.

Step 4. Finalize the Installation of Visual Studio 2022 on macOS

On these final steps, you will be asked to choose your preferred keyboard shortcut an that will be Visual Studio for Mac, just like as selected in the image below;

The process on how to install Visual Studio 2022 on macOS is successful as you can see from the image shown below. You can now get started with Visual Studio like as shown below. To start a new project, tap on new and proceed to use Visual Studio on macOS Monterey.


Up to this point, we have reached the end of our tutorial on how to install Visual Studio 2022 on macOS. This guide has focused on key main areas, it has introduced you to what Visual Studio is all about, looked at the features of Visual Studio and the system requirements for its installation on macOS. We also went ahead to show you the step by step process on how to install Visual Studio on macOS system. Get to check other macOS articles by clicking the links below;


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