While working as a team, it is crucial to have a project manager. Being a project manager, you are excepted to handle tasks, coordinate clients and everyone on a single thread. Therefore, you require a project management tool to assist you in managing projects and members of your team effortlessly. It is a good idea to adopt new methods and tools to boost the outcome of a given project. In that case, Focalboard is an excellent software that will improve your game in managing individual or work-related tasks.

Focal board Project Management tool is a simple to use software. It is perfect for defining, organizing, tracking, and managing work across individuals. Complex tasks are hectic and everyone looks for a way to make them simple. In this guide, I will take you through the installation of the Focal board project management tool on Windows and how you can use this outstanding software to delegate and handle tasks proportionally.

Features of Focalboard Project Management Tool

Here are focalboard project management tools features which you will interact with after installing it on your computer.

  • An open source software
  • Kanban board
  • Self-hosted sever-based project management tool
  • Has a Todo List Manager
  • Unlimited cards
  • Used on Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Offers quality editing properties

Benefits of Focalboard Project Management Tool

Below are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you use the focalboard project management tool.

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Note taking
  • Easy to use
  • It is free
  • Used for both simple and complex projects
  • It is fast
  • A slick offline desktop application

Installation of Focalboard Project Management Tool on Windows

Having Focalboard on your computer is an added advantage. You can easily manage projects and achieve the results that you want. Let’s go ahead and install Focalboard on windows using several steps.

Downloading Focalboard Project Management Tool

In order to use focalboard on Windows, you have to start with downloading the software. Head on to your search bar on your computer and type Microsoft Store so as to get the application.

In the Microsoft Store, search for Focalboard. Click on Enter and the below image will be displayed. Go ahead and click on Get to proceed with downloading focalboard project management tool.

Focalboard file will start downloading immediately after you click on Get.

Installation of FocalBoard Project Management Tool on Windows

After focalboard application has been downloaded, the installation will take place. Note that Focalboard will be installed on Microsoft Store as shown below.

You can proceed to access Focalboard project management tool application by clicking on Open.

Downloading and installing WebView2

Focalboard project management tool requires a Webview2 runtime for it to display features on your computer. When you hit on open as shown above, a small window will appear. Click on Yes to download and install WebView2.

The process will take place automatically. After the installation of WebView2, you can now go ahead and use focalboard project management tool on Windows.

Using FocalBoard Project Management Tool on Windows

To get started with FocalBoard, click on Open after searching it on your computer.

Focalboard interface will be displayed as illustrated below.

In case you want to change settings on Focalboard, hit on the name settings. You can make language and themes changes.

Getting Started with FocalBoard Boards and Tasks on Windows

Let’s start using this amazing tool to plan and manage our tasks. There are several templates you can choose from when you click on the +Add Board. In this guide, we will use the Project Tasks template.

Proceed by double clicking on Project Tasks. Another window will open as shown below.It has three Views which include all tasks, by priority or status.You can choose to use any of the three.

All Tasks View displays tasks in form of a table.

As for By Priority and By Status views, a set of cards are grouped in drop-down structure.

By Priority:

By Status:

Focal Board Project Management Tool – Usage Example

In this example, we will use By Status View on the Project Tasks board as shown on the image above. Keep in mind that we can make this view the same as By Priority when we modify the By Status template.

Click on Group by section then hit on priority.

Group by will change from status to priority making By status view the same as By Priority view.

The first step in planning and managing projects in FocalBoard is editing a card in the Project Tasks board. Let’s proceed and edit the API layer card by double click on it.

This window will appear.

You can change the name of the card to the preferred title of your project. Simply click on the API Layer name and modify it. I have changed the Title to Construction Task.

Note that you can also change the Icon.

You can also change status and priority.

Other changes

  • Add Properties

Examples of properties you can add.

  • Add Comments

An example of a comment you can add.

  • Add Description

Added description example

  • Add Content

There are several things you can choose on Add Content section. Let’s choose the checkbox. Here is an example of how it will appear. Fill the space after the checkbox with subtasks you consider performing.

After you complete all the tasks, you can mark them as done.

Also, consider changing the status of the project after you are done.

Adding a New Template from the Existing One

To simply work with focalboard project management tool on windows, you can create a template that you will edit every time you have a project. Click on the three dots on the existing template and click on New template from card.

When the new template appears, you can make any changes. Let’s change the status.

Then, click on the x symbol to close and save all changes.

After closing that window, you can access the previous and next project from the By Task View board.


An excellent project management tool will assist in boosting the outcome of your projects. Thus, installing and using focalboard project management tool on windows will ensure your tasks are collaborative and successful. It is an easy-to-use and intuitive software for any kind of project. In order to use FocalBoard project management software effectively, follow this detailed guide save on time and make proper task plans.

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