Browsing is the act of searching through a set of information on the World Wide Web or the internet. For instance, you can access your email accounts, go through the news, update your social media accounts or browse aimlessly. However, for this activity to be successful, the user has to use a computerized device, internet, and a web browser. An internet browser, browser, or web browser is a software application that allows users to look through piles of information from the world wide web and display the expected results on the screen. A browser locates, retrieves, and presents content that includes images, videos, or web pages. In this guide, we will interact with Google Chrome and Opera web browsers by installing and using the two browsers on Solus.

What is Opera Web Browser?

Opera is a stable web browser released in 1995 after a research project by Norwegian telecommunications. Due to new technology innovations, Opera has been updated severally since its creation. Opera presents new features now and then making it a popular and reliable web browser. It is compatible with most operating systems, thus allowing users to install it on just any device. Opera web browser has a fast development cycle and an outstanding user experience, hence it is among the most popular browsers in the world.

Features of Opera Web Browser

  • Customizable shortcuts: This feature allows you to browse faster. In Opera, you can change the default shortcuts to your satisfaction from the browser’s settings.
  • Opera Turbo: When you turn on the Opera Turbo mode, you will reduce the amount of data sent, especially on slower internet connections.
  • Speed dial: Opera has an innovative feature that creates thumbnails on your favorite websites. Hence, when you click on the thumbnail, you are taken to the site directly.
  • Page zooming: Opera provides page zooming that allows you to expand or reduce all page elements such as text, images, or other content.
  • Opera Mail: Opera web browser has a built-in mail client where you can add your mailing accounts.
  • Battery saver: Opera has a feature that allows you to activate battery saver mode, thus extending your laptop’s battery life.
  • Mouse gestures: In Opera, you can perform tasks, such as opening a new tab, by the movement of a mouse.
  • Security and privacy: Opera web browser is configured with proxy servers. Also, it has a password manager that lets the user set a master password preventing unauthorized access to stored passwords.

What is Google Chrome Web Browser?

Google Chrome is a well-known web browser developed by Google Inc. It has been ranked as the most popular web browser that is fast, safe, and easy to use. Chrome is compatible with different computers, operating systems, and mobile devices. Also, this web browser was released in 2008 and is continuously been updated. People find Goggle Chrome appealing as it provides a quick and seamless user experience. Thus, you can use it to access web pages and other content on the internet.

Features of Google Chrome Web Browser

  • Fast, secure, and Easy to use: The Google Chrome interface is simple to use and fast since the webpages load quickly. Also, Chrome updates are rolled out regularly, thus keeping your browser security in check.
  • Muting Tabs: Chrome allows you mute as well as unmute tabs whenever you want. Thus you are enabled to mute a tab playing music or auto-played adds on Google Chrome.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: For quick navigation through the internet, Chrome allows you to use keyboard shortcuts. For instance, you can use Ctrl+H to view your browsing history.
  • Task Manager: With the task manager in Chrome, you can find the pages that are taking your memory space and close them. Simply go to More tools> Task manager, select the tab you want to close, and click on End process.
  • Manage passwords: Google Chrome allows you to save and manage passwords from settings>Advanced>Manage Passwords.
  • Clear Browsing Data: From the Chrome web browser, you can delete cookies, history, and cached data from a given time either for the past one hour, day, week, or month.
  • Bookmark Pages: Google Chrome lessens the hustle of searching for particular pages every time you are using the browser. Thus, you can bookmark pages by clicking on the star icon in the URL or by pressing Ctrl+D.
  • Incognito Mode: Chrome allows one to switch to private mode, also known as incognito, where no data such as history or cookies are saved after browsing.

Installing Google Chrome Web Browser on Solus

Before you install Google Chrome, update your Solus system.

sudo eopkg update

Note that you can install the Google Chrome web browser in Solus using one of the methods below.

Method 1: From Solus Terminal

Use the command below to download the Google Chrome binary which is provided by the Solus dev community.

sudo eopkg bi --ignore-safety

In the next step, install the downloaded Chrome browser package.

sudo eopkg it google-chrome-*.eopkg

Once the installation is over, log off and log in again. Then, you can clean up the Solus system by removing the Chrome web browser installer using the command below.

sudo rm google-chrome-*.eopkg

Once the installation of Google Chrome is done, access the application from Solus activities.

Method 2: From Solus Software Center

If you want to use the Graphical User Interface to install Google Chrome, click on the activities>software center on Solus.

After the software center has opened, click on the third party tab.

Look for the Google Chrome application and click on the Install button.

Google Chrome will install successfully on Solus.

Find the installed Google Chrome application from the Solus installed applications.

Using Google Chrome Web Browser on Solus

After accessing Google Chrome, click on it to open. A pop-up will appear asking whether you would like to receive chrome browser statistics. Click on the OK button to continue.

Google Chrome web browser homepage will open as shown below. Click on Get Started button to enjoy browsing using Chrome.

In the Next step, choose the applications you want to bookmark on Google Chrome.

Pick a background image you would like for the Google Chrome web browser.

Choose to sign in or not and start using Google Chrome on Solus.

Google Chrome home page will launch as illustrated.

There is a couple of things that you can change while using Google Chrome. Here are some of them:

a)Google Chrome Themes

In case you want to change the Google Chrome theme, click on the three vertical lines to access the settings. Then from the settings, click on appearance>themes.

When you click on themes, you will be directed to another window with a different collection of themes.

Select the theme you want and then click on Add to chrome. The chosen theme will be installed successfully on the Google Chrome web browser.

b) Google Chrome Plugins Installation

To add extensions on Google Chrome, visit the chrome web store site. From here, search for the extension that you want to add to your browser.

Click on the extension you have selected and then Add it to chrome.

A small window will appear asking you to either Add the extension or cancel the process. Click on Add Extension and the specific tool will be installed successfully.

c)Private Window

From the three dots on the top right of the Google Chrome browser, click on New Incognito Window to switch to a private window.

You can now browse without the fear of someone tampering with your browsing experience.

Installing Opera Web Browser on Solus

If you want to browse using Opera, start by updating the Solus system before you install and use the browser.

sudo eopkg upgrade

We will use Snap to install Opera Web Browser. If the snap package manager is not installed on your system, install it using the following command.

sudo eopkg install snapd

Then, install the Opera browser using Snap.

sudo snap install opera

Verify that the installation was successful by checking the Opera browser version.

$ opera --version

Using Opera Web Browser on Solus

To start using Opera, launch it from the Solus terminal by typing the following command.


Alternatively, you can open Opera by searching it from activities>applications.

Once you have opened the Opera web browser, the welcome page will appear as shown below.

From the above image, click on either the Let’s GO button or the Next Step. On the window that appears, choose the theme you want for your browser.

On the Next window that will pop up, turn on/off the toggle button on removing ads while browsing.

Then, Opera Web Browser will ask you whether you want to connect to a chatting platform.

After you are done with the configuration steps, you can now start browsing.

Once you have clicked on the Start button on the image above, you can now search for any information and use the applications on the sidebar.

Plugins Installation on Opera Web Browser

Install extensions from the Opera add-ons site by searching for the particular extension you want.

For instance, we will install the Chrome browser extension on Opera. Type the name of the extension in the search bar and hit the Enter button.

To install the extension you want, click on Add to Opera.

The extension will be installed successfully on the Opera web browser.

Wrap Up

A web browser is essential software that you should consider installing on your computer. Its effectiveness has been experienced by so many individuals considering it was developed back in 1990. Have fun and make work easier by installing Google Chrome and Opera which are highly used and popular browsers. This guide has made it easy for you by showing the steps you will follow to install and use the two web browsers on Solus. In case of any query, do not hesitate to leave a comment.


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