Lightworks is a video editing tool that enables users to create and edit videos by giving them a professional-looking edge. Lightworks comes with many effect preset options that make it easy to edit videos. It can be used by small YouTubers to merge or clip videos and also provides a way to customize and save your own effects for future use.


  • Supports the most common types of media files.
  • Advanced Metadata.
  • Support a wide range of export formats.
  • Drag and Drop Feature.
  • Creative transitions
  • Built-in EQ and filters.
  • Cross-Platform.
  • Multi-Language support.

Lightworks has 3 options available.

Lightworks Free is free for basic features of clipping and cutting videos.
Lightworks Create has all Lightworks free with more features other than cutting and clipping videos. It is best for Youtubers and gamers who want to do more with their videos.
Lightworks Pro has all Lightworks Create features with more advanced features. It is best for filmmakers and broadcasters giving it the Hollywood editing edge.

This guide will show you how to install Lightworks Video Editor on KDE Neon|Kubuntu.

Setup Pre-requisites

Create an account at Lightworks Sign Up page. This will enable you to download the software from their website which is the recommended way to do so. After signing up, Lightworks gives you an automatic username which you can change in the profile section.

Install Lightworks Video Editor on KDE Neon / Kubuntu

Update your system packages

### Kubuntu ###
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

### KDE Neon ###
sudo apt update && sudo pkcon update -y

Download the latest .deb package from the Lightworks downloads page using the following command.


After Downloading, Install the package using the following command

sudo apt install -f ./lightworks_2022.2_r134300.deb

You can launch Lightworks from the application launcher or terminal by using

$ lightworks

The application opens with a prompt to sign in to your account. Remember the account you created and the password you used to sign up? Those are the account details required to sign in. Input the details and click signup.

After signing up, it will show you the available versions for you which is the free version. Click Next.

Then you can choose the language you prefer and later on choose the keyboard layout you prefer. The next part shows you the available project layouts which you can choose then click Next.

Then there is a video for a quick start guide for Lightworks which you can view to understand Lightworks better.

Create a Project in Lightworks

Click on the create project icon then a prompt window opens to input a name for the project. Then, click the Create button.

It will open the Lightworks workspace as shown below.

It has the;
Filters section that has clips added to your project.
Bins folders that organize your clips and sequences.
Libraries that contain a list of places you can your clips from. They can be from local files or cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.
Timeline pane that tracks the content of the sequence
Preview pane which allows you to view the video while still editing it.

Click on Local files then select the folder where the video you want is located. Then click on import.

Then after import. The video is shown as below. You can drag the video to the timeline pane from where you can do some editing on the video like clipping and cutting.

You can watch the Quick Start guide video for more information on how to get started on editing.


From this guide, we have installed Lightworks on Kubuntu|KDE Neon system. Lightworks is an awesome video editor that lets you manipulate videos to your liking. You can use the free version for simple editing like cutting and clipping. If you prefer more editing features you can purchase the Lightworks Create and Pro versions.

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