Nowadays, we rely on applications to perform some of our daily activities. Thus, there exist different types of applications in this digital world that serve distinct purposes. Note that with chat applications, you have a tool that provides a text messaging platform. These apps are also known as social media or chat applications.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is one of these applications which you can run on your phone or computer system. It is a cloud-based messaging platform that allows users to text messages, and share pictures, videos, and files. For better communication, Telegram enables you to create groups and channels, and build networks. With Telegram marketing, a brand can promote its product and services via messaging. Thus, you can use Telegram for messaging and broaden your reach plus assist clients to learn more about your business and increase sales as a business person.

Features of Telegram

  • Security: This is one of the essential features of Telegram. This app is based on the MTProto protocol that enables high-speed and reliable message transmission over weak connections. Also, Telegram supports secure encryption to ensure all content is safe.
  • Edit Sent Messages: Tegram allows you to edit a message which you have already sent to a friend, family, or work colleague. After modifying the message you can resend it.
  • Scheduled and Silent Messages: Telegram allows you to send messages at a particular time or date. Also, you can send a silent text whereby the recipient’s device won’t make a sound when the message is delivered.
  • Create Channel: With Channels in Telegram, you can broadcast messages to large audiences. Also, channels allow an unlimited amount of subscribers.
  • Telegram Bots: Telegram has chatbots which are regular accounts that are coded and used to add more features.
  • Lock Conversations: Telegram offers a way to hide private conversations using a passcode.
  • Live location: It provides a feature for sharing the live location of the user. You can share a live location for 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours.
  • Customization: When using Telegram. you can customize the chat background, color-theme of the app, turn off/on the auto night mode, or message corners.
  • Editing of images: If you send the wrong picture or an image without editing, you can always edit it even after sending it.

Common ways of interacting with Telegram

  • Chat folders: Telegram allows you to create folders with labels. Inside those folders, you can organize your chats and groups.
  • Secret chat option: With a secret option, only the involved parties can see the content with end-to-end encryption. From the Telegram menu, click on the new secret chat option and start your conversation.
  • GIF: GIFs are also known as Graphics Interchange Format. They are files that have animated appeal.GIFs are available in Telegram in a large number.
  • Notepad: Telegram allows you to chat with yourself on the saved messages option. You can store notes, pictures, to-do lists, or texts in this case.

Telegram Desktop

Telegram is widely used by people with different preferences. There are those that like using Telegram mobile application and others who want it installed on their PC. Telegram has made sure that everyone is satisfied by creating an application with is compatible with phones and desktops. It is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. In this guide, we will go through the installation and usage of the Telegram Desktop messaging application on Windows 11/10. With Telegram on your desktop, you can write and send encrypted messages, and share music, document, movies, and photos.

Features of Telegram Desktop

  • Telegram calls: From your Telegram Desktop, you can make a call that is secure and crystal clear.
  • Free and Cross-platform: Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.
  • Allows you to copy and forward texts easily.
  • Telegram is a lightweight desktop application.
  • Delete messages: Chat admins can delete messages from other members of a group.
  • Emojis, stickers, and GIFs are available on Telegram Desktop.
  • Possible to hide chats on the main menu.
  • From the Telegram chat list, you can directly view who is online.

Installation of Telegram Desktop Application on Windows 11 /10

To enjoy the features and benefits of the Telegram Desktop messaging application, you must install it on your PC with either Windows 10 or 11 operating system. There are two ways of installing the Telegram Desktop Application.

Method 1: Install from Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is preinstalled on both Windows 10 and 11. To download Telegram Desktop App, search for the Microsoft Store on the Windows 10/11 search bar.

Click Open Microsoft Store from the results that appear. When it opens, search for Telegram Desktop and press Enter button from your computer.

To download the Telegram Desktop application, click on the Get button.

Telegram for the desktop will be downloaded and installed automatically on your Windows 10/11. Click on the Open button to access the Telegram Desktop application.

You can now start using Telegram as a Desktop messaging application from Windows 10/11.

Method 2: Install from the Official Telegram Website

Visit the official Telegram Website. From the site, download the messaging application by clicking on Get Telegram for Windows.

Find the downloaded Telegram Desktop file from your computer downloads.

Click on the Telegram Desktop set-up and run it as an administrator.

From the small window that will appear, select the language you would use while accessing Telegram Desktop.

Select the destination location for Telegram Desktop on Windows 10/11.

For shortcuts, select a start menu folder.

Continue by clicking on the install button that appears.

To complete the installation process of Telegram Desktop on Windows 11/10, click on Finish.

Use of Telegram Desktop Application on Windows 11 /10

1. Log in to Telegram Desktop

Search for Telegram Desktop from your computer and click on Open.

A window will open allowing you to start messaging using Telegram Desktop. Click on the start messaging button.

After clicking on the start messaging button, you will be required to log in to Telegram Desktop using either your phone number or scan from the mobile Telegram App. Keep in mind that you cannot create a Telegram account from your Telegram Desktop application. Thus, it is necessary to first install Telegram on phone and create an account.

a) Login from Mobile Telegram

On your phone, go to Telegram Application settings, and click on the devices option.

Click on Link Desktop Device and scan the image on your desktop using the scanner on your Telegram mobile application. After the two devices have been linked, you can now start using Telegram Desktop on Windows 10/11.

b) Login Using your Phone Number

When creating a Telegram account, you are required to enter your mobile number. Thus, in Telegram Desktop, you will use the same number to log in.

A code is sent to your Mobile Telegram Application. Fill it in the blank spaces.

Telegram Desktop will open up on your Windows 10/11 with your account.

2. Start Messaging

From the search bar, you can select the person you want to start a chat with then press Enter to write a message.

3. New Group

From the image above, you can see three horizontal lines. Click on those lines to access more options on Telegram Desktop. To create a group, click on New Group.

Give the group a name of your choice.

Add members to the group on Telegram Desktop and hit on the create button.

From the group, Telegram Desktop shows the different options you have including deleting or leaving.

4. Settings

To make customizations on your Telegram Desktop, go to settings.

On Settings, you can make changes, especially on your Telegram Desktop account’s privacy.

For instance, make changes on Last Seen and choose who can see it.

5. Dark Mode

If you want the dark mode on your Telegram Desktop, switch to Night mode. You will automatically exit the light mode.

6. Calls

Telegram Desktop makes it possible to call your friends, colleagues, or family. To make a call, go to the conversation with the person you want to call and press the call button.

Once you are on the call, you have options such as starting a video call, ending, or muting a call.

7. Editing Chats

On Telegram Desktop, you can have the option of modifying a message after sending it. Click on the particular message and explore the available options.

To edit the message, click on the Edit option and replace the content as you wish then resend.

Telegram Desktop on Windows 10/11 allows you to use stickers, emojis, and GIFs as shown below.

8. Saved Messages

If you want to have a backup of messages or files, Telegram Desktop has an outstanding feature that makes this possible. From the dashboard, choose saved messages.

You can choose to add content to the saved messages. For instance, you can upload a file from your computer.

Telegram Desktop allows you to add a caption to the files you want to upload. Click on Send to save the file or message.


Telegram Desktop messaging application is an excellent tool to have on your computer. Enjoy the benefits it offers such as you can access the app from both your mobile and computer devices. Also, with Telegram Desktop, you can share large files and form groups containing many members with assured privacy and security. Interact with more amazing features by installing and using Telegram Desktop on Windows 10/11 guided in this article.

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