If your hard drive is filling up really quickly and you wonder what might be taking up your space, disk analyzers can help you identify the waste space and a way of cleaning up the space. Disk analyzers scan your hard drive and provide detailed information in graphical form of everything using your disk space.
There are plenty of disk analyzer tools available for Windows that mainly differ in their speed while analyzing the disk, Features, and probably License. Some of the Disk Space Analyzers available for the Windows platform include; WizTree, WinDirStat, Disk Savvy, JDisk Report, SpaceSniffer, etc.


WizTree is a fast disk analyzer utility for Windows. It scans your hard drive to show you files and folders using the most disk space. WizTree quickly displays the information graphically of the files and folders using the most space on your hard drive and gives you an option of removing the files. Wiztree is fast due to the fact that it scans the hard drives’ Master File Table (MFT) directly from the disk which bypasses the Windows operating system and provides a huge performance boost.
WizTree is free for personal use but can be used commercially by purchasing a “Supporter Code” while large organizations purchase an Enterprise license for unlimited use. It supports multiple file systems supported by windows including NTFS, FAT, and FAT32. Smartphones and cameras with MTP/PTP can be scanned using WizTree when connected via USB.


  • Free for personal use.
  • It is accurate as the reports are the same as Windows reports if checked.
  • Fast when scanning NTFS formatted drives
  • Regular updates and new features are added regularly.
  • Quickly locate and remove Large space from your hard drive.
  • Visual Tree Map lists files in order of size.
  • File information can be exported to a CSV file.
  • Search Filter to find files by name and wildcard searches.

This guide will show you how to install and use WizTree Disk Analyzer on Windows 11 / Windows 10.

Install and Use WizTree Disk Analyzer on Windows 11 / Windows 10

First, download the latest installer package from WizTree Downloads Page

Open the installer to start the installation process. Select the Language of preference and click OK to continue. Accept the terms under the License agreement

Select the Destination Location. You can browse to choose a different Location or go with the default. Then next, select the start menu folder where shortcuts are placed.

Next is to select Additional tasks like creating a desktop or start menu shortcut. Then the installation summary will be shown below. Click Install to start the installation process.

The installation completes successfully as shown below.

You can check the box to Launch the application once you exit the Wizard and close it.

Use WizTree on Windows 11/10

The Application opens as shown below.

The application dashboard includes the scan tool which can be activated by clicking on it. You can select the disk you want to scan from the drop-down menu. It also includes the filter button to add filters to your scan.

The File Menu has the following options with their Keyboard Shortcuts.

The Options Menu contains a list of the following contents.

You can also customize Wiztree Colors to your liking. Under the options menu, select Colors and a new window opens.

The colors are categorized in different file extensions which are just next to the color box. If you a different color to represent the video files select the Box then play around with the colors to choose the one you want. The selected color reflects automatically on the box, then once you close the window the disk analyzer refreshed automatically.

If I choose any disk and select scan, the scan completes quickly and gives analysis as shown below with the Tree view.

The File view appears as shown below, with a search field to find a specific program, file, or folder

You can export the analysis to a CSV file. Click the File Menu and select the Export type you want.

Save the file to a specific location e.g Documents Folder. Then the export will be done and completed.


From this guide, we have installed and seen how to use WizTree Disk Analyzer on Windows 11 / Windows 10. Disk space analyzers scan your hard drive to identify the space that is being wasted and give you an idea of how to clean up your disk. WizTree is a favorite for many for its fast disk analysis and detailed reporting of the results.

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