Note-taking is an important activity that helps us stay focused and recall information that could have been lost. In most cases, when you think of an idea or hear one, you tend to look for somewhere to jot it down. Sometime back the only solution to notetaking was a pen and a piece of paper. But times are changing and technology has made it easier to take your notes using your phone, laptop, or tablet. Thus, in this digital era, you can simply install a note-taking application on your gadget and use it to create, organize, save and share notes.

To make it more interesting, there exist Markdown note-taking applications that allow you to create readable and structured sentences. With the markdown technique in notetaking apps, you can write better, faster, and more efficiently. Additionally, you will have styling tools for adding headings, lists, links, images, lists, and more. In this guide, we will go through the installation of the Notable Markdown note-taking app on Windows 11/10.

Notable Markdown note-taking app

Notable is a free and open-source tool applicable when using formatted text, images, and links in notes. It works on a variety of operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Also, Notable is a Markdown note-taking app that comes with a simple note editor. The main focus of Notable is to assist in note-taking without encountering any problems since it has the right features for a markdown note-taking app.

Features of Notable Markdown note-taking app

Below are key features of Notable Markdown note-taking app:

  • Markdown-based: Notes are written in markdown. With the markdown editor, you can write notes nicely. Also, it allows you to use KaTeX expressions and mermaid diagrams.
  • No vendor Lock-In: Notes and attachments created on notable are saved in your computer and are portable. Thus you can use a third-party editor to modify the notes.
  • Zen Mode: With Zen Mode, you have minimalistic editing and reading experience, that makes it possible to write notes without distractions.
  • Dark Mode: With the Notable Markdown note-taking application, you can activate the dark theme. Also, there are more custom themes available.
  • Cross-Platform: Notable is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Built-in cheat sheet: Use the cheat sheet for reference.
  • Import and export notes to and from Notable application.
  • Attachments: Added to any note.Even via copy/paste.

Install Notable note-taking app on Windows 11/10

To start using the Notable Markdown note-taking application, you are required to install it. The first step is to download the Notable app from the official website. Choose the installer for windows and let it download after clicking on it.

Find the Notable installer on your downloads.

Then run the application as an administrator. Notable Markdown notetaking application will install on your Windows 10/11 automatically.

The notable application will open as shown below.

You will be required to select the folder for the storage of Notable application data directories.

After selecting the storage location for Notable, you can see its interface where you will be writing your notes.

Use Notable Markdown note-taking app on Windows 11/10

a) Dark Theme

Switch to dark mode by clicking on Notable and then choose the dark theme.

b) Cheat Sheet

For more instructions on how to use Notable Mark-down, view the cheat sheet.

c) New Note

Since Notable main function is note-taking, start by creating a new note. Click on the + sign to begin.

You can change the name of the note to your preferred name.

d) Tags

Add a tag to a specific Note by clicking the tag icon and giving it a name.

e) Attachments

To add an attachment document to a note, click on the attachment icon and choose the file you want to attach from your computer.

f) Headings

Make your notes more structured by using headings in the Notable Markdown note-taking app. The # signs are the shortcut to the headings. For example, if you want heading 2, use ##.

g) Bold and Italic

To format your sentences in Notable, use bold and italics styles as shown below. The * symbol is used in this case.

After adding headings, bold, and italics, your notes will appear as shown below. Note that you will see the changes after turning the editing tool off.

h) Lists

When you have items to list in your notes, use either an unordered or ordered list on Notable. Lists are represented by +, and numbers.

This is how the list will appear.

i) Emojis

To make note-taking interesting, you should consider using emojis. Luckily, Notable has made this easy and possible. You can access more emojis from the cheatsheet. In our illustration below, I will add the smile emoji.

Below is an illustration of the emojis we have added.

j) Deleting

If you want to get rid of a certain Note, click on the delete icon.

After deleting a note in Notable, it goes to Trash. You can remove it by deleting the note completely or restoring the deleted information.

k) Add Image

To add an image from the web, replace the name LINK with the link to the image you want.


Here is an example.

See the illustration below with the image we have added.

l) Tasks

In tasks, you are allowed to add checkboxes.

After adding a task, you can now check or uncheck the boxes.

m) View Data Directory

You can now find the notes you have made and edit them from an external editor.


Having a Notable Markdown note-taking app on Windows 11/10 is essential. The notable application helps you to stay organized and make readable notes. Notable has implemented a lot of features which makes it more interesting to use. If you want a Markdown note-taking tool that will tick all your boxes, install Notable on your Windows 10/11 operating system. Keep in mind that the application has tutorials and a cheat sheet that will guide you when interacting with Notable. From this article, you will be in a position to install and use the Notable Markdown note-taking application.

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